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Classic Diner Menu


Marv’s Country Fried Chicken

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All products are brand names and the highest quality. In these times of high prices for everything Marv’s strives to give the customer the “Best quality for an honest price”. Basic toppings are: mustard, pickle, onion, lettuce, mayo & tomato. All burgers & chicken burgers come with fries.




Marv’s Classic Gourmet Hot Dogs



Kids & seniors Happy Days Menu

Sides and Salads


Vanilla, root beer, lime, coke, grape, sarsaparilla, strawberry, cherry, blue raspberry, orange, dragon blood (strawberry & coconut), bubblegum, pineapple, banana or blueberry





Ice Cream Treats


strawberry, pineapple, Saskatoon & banana
strawberry, chocolate, caramel, butterscotch or marshmallow

Check out Marv’s own invention. The idea came from a 1921 Calgary Herald newspaper where he found an ad for carbonated ice cream. Marv figured if it could be done in the 20’s it should be a piece of cake today. Well!!! 12 years later and many attempts “Marvello” was created. Now available in containers and for a twist Marv has added malt powder to make it even better.
Vanilla malt and chocolate malt now on sale Other flavours may also be available! $4.50 Ask your server