Well I am afraid it is the end of an era, not only for me, but an era of freedom, living life without a worry and happy times. A Saturday matinee with the Three Stooges, Donald or Daffy Duck. I have a photo of this very building when it was a theatre. The movie poster on the front was Snow White and the seven (little people).

I thank the many hundreds of people from all over the world that came to the soda shop. Everyone put their differences aside to enjoy the atmosphere, music on the juke box, and out made in house hamburgers.

I thank the family that came in five or six times over the years. Every time they visited from Scotland, and thankfully made here for the last time this past summer.

As I get older I find the only thing you can truly say is yours are the memories of things over the years. This memory I will truly hold dear for the rest of my life. I thank all my customers, staff families and all the kids I have seen grow up in the store, get married and have their own families. I thank my wife Launa for standing by me through the good and bad times. It was not an easy ride but most fulfilling. I will miss you all and remember “be kind to your neighbor”.

I love you all