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Marv’s is a Classic 50’s Diner located just 25 minutes south of Calgary in Black Diamond Alberta. Experience the past again with our famous home made burgers, malts, old fashioned milkshakes, and great service from the same era with genuine smiles and often a tune…

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Classic 50s Diner

Mexican Palentas - Ice Pops

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Old Fashioned



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11am – 5pm    7 Days a Week

121 Centre Avenue W
Black Diamond, AB T0L 0H0

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Alberta's Famous

50's Diner




    Marv's Road Sign

    Marv’s Classic Soda Shop is a recreation of the Golden Era of Rock N Roll. Everyone has an extremely vivid and pleasant memory of where they went as a child to get their favourite candy, ice cream soda, malt or burger.

    On the surface we sell ice cream, sweets, home made burgers & fries, but you don’t have to stand in the shop too long before you realize that what we really offer are memories of a simpler time gone by.

    “This is just like the one in my home town”… “I haven’t seen this since I was a kid”… are the most common phrases heard in the store and that is precisely our goal. We want to walk our customers down memory lane and remind them of good things and good times.

    Marv’s opened in 2001 in the small rural Alberta town of Black Diamond located just 25 minutes south west of Calgary. Since that time the tourist interest has exploded with visitors from around the world. Marv’s has been written up in travel magazines and newspapers like the Calgary Herald, National Post and the Vancouver Sun, as well specialty magazines like West Jet, Avenue Magazine and numerous others. Marv’s received a distinguished AMA award of being one of 100 places in Alberta to make Alberta a unique place to live and visit.

    Like retail businesses of the past, Marv’s is a local business with very close ties to its community. The store is located on main street in a 1934 boomtown style building surrounded by other similar style buildings.

    Marv’s dedication to quality products, service and a family oriented atmosphere contribute to make Marv’s a destination location for day traffic as well as tourists alike.